a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

We March On

Good King Robert has hearkened us to Pennsic War,
'Tween the East and the Middle to help settle a score.
And no matter which flag our swords do attend,
It's the noble seahorse above our hearts and our heads.

We march on, as one we do stand.
We march on, till their crimson blood ran.
In one voice we sung out our fierce battle cry,
As brothers we fight on or as heroes we die.

With valor and honor we met oncoming foes,
for our lady loves, our King and our home.
The hearts of Atlantian sons will not yield;
To battle we charge in bearing bow, ax, and steel.


In the evening the queen cheers our victory won,
From the most noble knights and Atlantia's sons.
The ladies do press us for our battle tales,
By story or song midst the firelight and ale.


So ye brave warriors who for battle do lust
Give Atlantian prowess your heart and your trust.
Lift up your swords her lands to defend.
That bards will tell the glory of Atlantia's men

(Chorus x2)