a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Paths of the Dream

Many great lords this land has beheld.
And ladies of grace in this kingdom do dwell.
Brought to their peerage and kings thrown to kneel,
For making this dream of ours breathe and be real.

Hear the sword sing, oh hear the sword sing,
For the warrior the teacher the servant of dreams.
Though each path lies separate they all play a part
In the keeping of honor at chivalry's heart.

The Pelicans' service the kingdoms demands.
Lovingly seeing to the needs of this land.
Their hands will not tarry nor tread idle in step,
Selflessly seeing our dream is well kept.


Laurels learn skills of times all but forgot.
Their wisdom and knowledge a gift highly sought.
With skillful hands they work teach and praise,
Draping this dream in the long-ago days.


Knights fight grand tourneys upon honor's field
For king and for kingdom their strength they do wield.
With sword in hand, white belt and chain,
In valor they hold the soul of our game.