a collection of literature from poets, bards, songwriters, and skalds in the SCA

Force and Fire

Fire brings comfort and warmth to the weary, 
It lights our dark path through the night.
It dances and plays on the face of the minstrel
With its soft translucent light.
But hearken to its strength,
Heed its willful power,
For even steel must bend
When placed into the pyre.

The forge it is readied with embers grow dark,
Iron to be shaped and tamed.
This heartbeat on steel now sung by the hammer,
Inspired by azure flame.
So hearken to the song,
Heed this work entwined,
For lissome is the task
When fire and force combined.

The hammer rings force with each strike and each turn.
Singing on ember kissed steel
Each blow of strength a dream in creation
Of a balanced sword to wield.
So hearken to its call,
Heed its graceful might,
For tempered is the steel
Imbued with justice truth and right.

For our King's the Blackhammer who hones us to strength
And his queen's inspirations flame.
And we are the steel that their efforts create
In fair Atlantia's name.
So hearken to their strength,
Heed their graceful might,
For this land is wielded 
By the hand of valor grace and light.